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management consultants

Helping Business Owners  and Entrepreneurs

..... Achieve their Goals

SME Business Support is what we do ... 

We advise, build plans and strategies to help SMEs and Entrepreneurs with their Business Growth, add Real Value for Shareholders and create Efficient Operating Structures. 

If you need help, we deliver! 

With a focus on SME Business Support and SME Business growth, we provide a range of services and support processes set on defining the business goals and strategic planning horizons. From strategic planning activities through to marketing support, lead generation and business growth, we provide a full management consulting and business development service.

2m-pmc build solutions using innovative Business Planning processes, designing Strategies and Operational Structures to ensure the investment and resources within the business deliver the maximum value.

2m-pmc provide solutions. We are not simply a service provider business - our values are grounded on a "win-win" philosophy, supporting business in their long-term success.

MSc : BEng : MIOEE

Hi, I'm Michael and I’ve worked in FTSE 250 companies, set-up a number of businesses, currently work with specialist Mergers and Acquisitions networks and Investor groups and have supported businesses, successfully securing +£millions in either working capital or equity backed support.

A Subject Matter Expert in Project Management, with experience in investment appraisal and execution strategies and delivered £multi-million savings while framing opportunities to ensure the best technical and commercial outcomes.

Michael Mallaby
Investor, Entrepreneur, Strategist 
Founder 2m-pmc Ltd

2m-pmc management consultants

We help you create a solid base by providing Business Management, Strategic Management, Planning and Operations Management support and know-how.

With a focus on the SME sector and Entrepreneurs, we offer proven experience and expertise in Implementing the Solutions to ensure that Your Aims are Achievable.

We help create Solutions, Benefits and Value so Your targets are Delivered.


  • Support SME's and Entrepreneurs
  • Support Business in Transitional Plans
  • Achieve Growth through Innovation and Planning
  • Maximise returns from the invested resources
  • Improve Operational Functions
  • Manage Risk, mitigate negative impact
  • Identify opportunities and maximise benefits
  • Develop Strategic Plans


  • Strategic Planning and Growth Enhancement
  • Business Case Development
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Assurance and Verification
  • Project Management and Delivery of Benefits
  • Risk Management
  • Exit Planning
  • Divestment Strategies


  • Support Clients to achieve their objectives
  • We know the challenges
  • We've been on that journey
  • We've made the mistakes and learned the lessons
  • Embrace change - Driven by Customer values
  • Support Enterprise and Innovation
  • Develop solutions
  • Deliver results
  • Deliver on promises

Risk is not a Game

Risk taking in business is inevitable. Strategic Planning, Investment and Project Implementation are enablers of change - and change creates uncertainty and hence risk.

Risk Management should be systematic and not based on chance.It is about pro-active identification, assessment and control of any uncertainties that may affect the delivery, the success or the profitability of the business or project objectives.


Partnerships Deliver Results

We have worked with businesses across the full spectrum of large-scale international corporations and SME [Small to Medium Enterprises].We have played leading roles in Strategic Plans, Market Development, New Product and Services and Research & Development projects.

Success in reducing CapEx funding requirements and optimising the execution and implementation of large scale and complex multi-discipline projects ensured that Clients and Investors secure maximum returns on their investment.

2m-pmc supports the business in the development of the business case and provides critical project management support to maintain focus on the objectives and to ensure that the……… benefits are delivered