Grow your Business with the 

Power of Your Mobile Phone

Get more New Customers ....

Get more from your Current Clients ..... 

What if you could contact all your BEST CUSTOMERS through a dedicated SMS platform - ... that you Controlled !!!

How to grow your Business through the

Power of SMS Messages

A few facts on SMS Messaging

  • SMS is the most widely used data application in the entire world
  • Approximately 3.7 billion users around the world send and receive SMS
  • Texting is more popular than voice calling, especially among youths aged 16 to 24
  • Response rates via SMS are 8 times that of email
  • 96% of UK smartphone owners use SMS
  • Texting is now the second most common use for a mobile phone. The first is for checking the time and the internet usage is quickly growing
  • Sending patients text reminders about doctors’ and dentists’ appointments could save the NHS up to £150 million a year.
  • Text messages are usually read within 15 minutes of being received and responded to within one hour

It may seem like a stupid question, but why would you not use the POWER of the SMS Message and Increase your Business Revenues......

The reasons may include.....

  • The Technology is too difficult ...
  • I don't have the time to manage the system ...
  • We spend enough on Marketing ...
  • Text SMS Messaging is old hat ...  

But if there was a way to address all these concerns and deliver a cost effective solution then the next question is.....

Why are You in Business?

The first answer has to be…..

To Make Money !

.. because without cash-flow and some profit, there is no business !

The Intelligent Growth System - built on the most efficient and readily accessible communication platform on the planet is designed to help You Make More from what you Already Have and set up structures, processes and systems to enable you to get the Greatest Value out of ...

Your Time, Your Money and Your Investment.

The Solution

Explode your Customer Engagement 

How to bring in new customers and get more from your Best Customers.

Here are just a few of the proven routes that support business growth and help business owners get more value from what they already have....

  • Offer Coupons and Discounts - Direct to their Mobile Phone...
  • Scarcity - The Fear of Missing Out ...
  • Notify your subscribers of Latest Events ...
  • Up-sell and offer FREEBIE's to gain the bigger sale ...

Intelligent Growth - Why It Works ! 

The system uses a dedicated SMS Message exchange - that sends your promotional message directly to the mobile phones of all of your subscribers.

You control the offer, you control when you send the message. 

If you typically have a slow day, or have a forthcoming an event, a quiz night, a promotional special, then the SMS Message - sent direct to your subscribers, informs them immediately of your great offer or incentive - so they are more likely to accept the invite - and increase your revenues..... !

Intelligent Growth - Where can it be applied !


Restaurants find this service particularly useful when offering one off deals, promotions or simply want to encourage customers into their restaurant in quieter periods.

Health Care, Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, ...

This service is particularly good for hospitals as appointment reminders and dates can be forwarded straight to patients, for a small sum, knowing that the information will be delivered straight to the mobile phone with enhanced confidence on confidentiality

Clubs and organisations

Any club or organisation can use this service to send out reminders for upcoming events, changes of locations of venues. Because the messages can be segmented into specific groups, clubs are able to make the most of this for different sectors of their organisation.


Charities are able to greatly benefit from this service for many reasons. The main reason is the low cost alternative of text message marketing compared to other commercial forms of marketing. Charities can also receive donations through text message.

E-commerce & Retail

Voucher codes, one off sales and new items coming into stock are just a few of the ways in which retail businesses are able to make the most of online SMS services.

Pubs, Bars and Clubs

Pubs and Bars are able to keep their customers up to date with special events and acts which are happening throughout the year. Also special drinks offers and discount codes can be sent out through this service.


Warehouses can use this service to keep track of deliveries between business to customers for a more reliable and trustworthy service. A customer is able to find out when and where their delivery was dispatched and when they should expect it.

business support

Thoughts for the Business Owner

Some pretty impressive numbers to consider .... 

80% of the Millennial generation say their phone is the first thing they check when they wake up.

The point here is that people keep their phones handy and are always ready to use them to find information or check the latest social media updates.

Open rates for texts vastly surpass email (which dwindles at 24%).

It’s clear that we’ve become dependent on our phones, which then opens the door for testing new mediums to reach consumers. Mobile advertising works, but only if your message makes it to the consumer’s inbox, and only if your ad is mobile-optimised.

SMS Messaging is the only way to steer clear of the noise and get a positive Return on Investment.

Most online marketers laugh at the idea of SMS Marketing because they think it’s more regulated than email marketing. But that’s a misplaced assumption. If you don't have a system that is focused on mobile-targeting tactics, then this is costing you conversions, clients, and revenue.

Meanwhile, SMS Marketing is almost happening underground - ready in the background, waiting for you to capitalise on it.

Here’s how and why you should revisit SMS Marketing to generate revenue, ... and build on what you already have.

With the Intelligent Growth System deployed for you business you can then focus even more on the .. 

Business Structure, the Strategy, the Marketing, the Growth Plans !

Marketing and Sales are the bedrock of any business, so any competitive advantage, smarter thinking and marketing plans that provide a solid ROI are key to the continues success of your business.

The Added Value....

In the current climate where many businesses need to re-think how they do it, - the Intelligent Growth System delivers a number of benefits.

Primarily it helps grow your revenues, providing incentives to secure greater value from your existing client base. 

It also provides a friction-less route to increase your customer base, bringing in new customers through strategic offers and promotions. You are then ideally placed to grow the value of those new customer - and target them directly thorough your SMS Messenger system

Also as a route to Customer Contact, where there is a need to track and trace your customers, a direct SMS message will inform them instantly if they are required to undergo any health test, self isolation or other process.

For established businesses this provides a simple route to turn your existing customers into subscribers - so you can sell them more.

For new businesses, an SMS subscribe message will help to quickly build a following and a subscriber list and then you can grow the business both organically and through specific marketing strategies...!!

The Benefits

Using the Intelligent Growth System and framework will help you build a better business that will address the following…


A route to build more customers and get your BEST CUSTOMERS- to SPEND MORE


Low Cost - High Efficiency route to Lead Generation, Increased Sales and increased Profits 


You control the message through your mobile phone, - the system then deploys the message to all of your subscribers !

Added Value

Tip the scales in your favour. 

Create a business model and marketing structure to ensure that you get maximum benefit from your hard work and investment.

Give your Business a Competitive Edge

Would you rather commit all your energies into Growing your Business ... 

... knowing that your hard work and effort was creating long-term value for you ?

You see the successes - and wonder .... How do they do it ? 

We have all heard that sound bite "Work Smarter - Not Harder" 

You will see for yourself that there are numerous Success Stories

Any review of local press, local business support publications and the tales of local successes is clear evidence that the type of support you are after is available…

These success stories must have something that the others do not have…

So, what is their Secret …?

Is this the Right Choice ?

Benefit No 1

Engagement Rates: 

Texting has by far the best engagement rates of any marketing medium.

Benefit No 2

Campaign Performance: 

You can easily track the performance of each SMS Message and each campaign.

Benefit No 3

Interactive Content: 

Mobile messaging makes it possible to get feedback from your recipients quickly via a quick tap on the ‘reply’ button or a click on your link

Benefit No 4

Immediate Delivery: 

Once you press “send,” your message goes out instantly.

Benefit No 5

That Personal Touch: 

Sending a text message via your mobile device gives you an informal opportunity to personalise the message.

So, let’s be honest, SMS Marketing can be seen as old tech, and somewhat outdated, - but it has evolved a lot over the past few years.

Recognising how the use of the mobile phone has exploded, how the number of SMS Messages has increased globally, how social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are an everyday part of the current "Normal" – then SMS Messaging has a big role to play for any business that works in the B2C or B2B sectors.

People carry their phones with them all day – some even keep them with them through the night. We get up in the morning and check the mobile before we make the first cup of coffee.

Cost verse Outcome

Do you invest in a process and a strategy that gives you a better chance of a positive result, that combines the largest communication platform and the primary communication device currently used globally !

With low set-up costs, low message costs and a clear target audience for the campaign, the ROI from the system will support long-term sustainable growth for the business owners.

The real question is Can you afford not to commit ...

        ... and secure your future, the future of the business 

and gain advantage over your competition…?

If your competition uses smart, cost effective systems, - and they know more about how to maximise their return on their marketing campaign investments, - they have the advantage, even before any reviews of the specific business proposition or operational model are considered.

If you can take more value from what you are already doing - then why would you leave that money on the table - or let someone else benefit from your hard work, investment and commitment?

If it’s a race – you are starting well behind the starting line, and by the time you catch-up, your competition may well have left you wondering how they are able to operate so efficiently and you may lose those customers or that great opportunity .....

The SME sector is a very competitive area, only the best, well informed players survive. The successes ensure that they have all areas covered, all barriers are cleared and all opportunities are maximised to create more value for them.

They have done their homework, know the systems and the processes, and build their business using these advantages.

Don’t be an Also Ran…! 

Be a Winner with the Real Benefits that this System will Deliver…!

If you want to access the solution click here >…… and complete the online registration process. You will then be taken to the Intelligent Growth System, where you will learn how the ingredients of these structures and operational models are key to a successful future.

Use the System

  • 1. Gain More from Your Existing Customers
    Promotions, offers and incentives to buy more from your business 
  • 2. Get More New Customers
    Use strategic marketing - get new Customs to join your subscription list and turn them into Existing Customers and then increase their value to your business through the ongoing Promotions, Offers and Incentives...
  • 3. Increase Sales Frequencies
    Increase the value of all your customers by getting them to buy more often.... Selling more to your existing Client base is the most cost effective marketing strategy - and as your subscriber list grows, - your increase in sales and profit will show substantial ROI. 
  • 4. Increase Sales Values
    Increase the value of all your customers by getting them to buy at greater values. Offer a FREEBIE to encourage a large purchase, - a free dessert with starter and main course, a free side order with 2 or more main deals, - the offers are only limited by the business and the imagination. 

The Solution

The Intelligent Growth System will provide a platform on which to increase sales, increase profit and get your message to your best customers in a highly efficient and cost effective manner.

You will be in a much stronger, well informed position to take your business forwards and secure greater benefits from all of Your Work, Your Commitment, Your Investment and Your Passion.

These results will help position your business as a leader and innovator, leaving the competition trailing behind, while you then have the opportunity to increase your business efficiency and turn it into a profit making machine for you and your future.

This is no false promise or magic intervention ! There can be no certainty that you will secure the outcome that your business needs, but if this was a race, and you needed the best tools to give you the best chance of winning, then you'd invest in the Formula 1 car instead of the 2nd-hand banger from the local car dealer.

The driver still needs to know how to drive, but knowledge of the track and using the best prepared car and the best support systems gets you on the grid, with a greater chance to get onto the podium.....

Intelligent Growth

SMS Messaging to expand your BRAND and grow YOUR REVENUES

  • 1
    Intelligent Growth System - Built for the SME Business Owners

  • 2
    And how to get more from what you already have....

If you want to access the solution click here >…… and complete the sign-up process. We will then start the process of building your dedicated SMS Messenger exchange and position your business so that you can use the Power of the SMS Message system to Grow your Business and Increase your Profitability.

The Business Mind-Set

Cost v's Value

"The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing."

- Phillip Fisher

Capital Raise

“It’s almost always harder to raise capital than you thought it would be, and it always takes longer. So plan for that.”  

– Richard Harroch, Venture Capitalist and Author

Never Give Up

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

  – Steve Jobs, Co-Founder and CEO, Apple

Invest in Knowledge

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

- Benjamin Franklin

Continual Improvement

“The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time..”  

Henry Ford, (1863 – 1947, American industrialist)

Intelligent Growth 

... the smart way to Grow Your Business

This Intelligent Growth System provides a route to creating more value and securing greater benefits from your business.

It provides a platform to help you create more value from what you already have ...

The smarter most cost effective route to achieve more sales and securing a greater ROI from a marking budget commitment.  

A Better Way !...get the Intelligent Growth System NOW... and make A CHANGE !

The basic system is priced at only £200 + VAT per month ..... this could be a game changing initial investment for you and your business....

..... Do Not Miss out on this game changing system !

Sign-UP Now for only £200 + VAT per month and see your sales and business grow !

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Michael Mallaby
MSc, BEng, CMgr

Founder and CEO at


About the Author

I’m Michael Mallaby and I’ve worked in FTSE 250 companies, set-up a number of businesses, work with specialist Mergers and Acquisitions networks and Investor groups and have supported businesses, successfully securing +£millions in either working capital or equity backed support.

I’ve made personal CPD investments and commitments leading to formal certification as a Risk Management Professional, an Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – ACCA Business Valuations practitioner and completed the Effective Angel Investor programme. I have achieved recognition as a subject matter expert in the field of Project Management, with published articles in the global APM Project Journal magazine.

With experience in investment appraisal and execution strategies, I have helped to deliver £multi-million savings while framing opportunities to ensure the best technical and commercial outcomes.

With a drive to continue supporting small business, current activities include a selection of businesses where capital raise values of £1m to £3 million are being processed.

So, what's the Pro's and Con's...

Let's be honest, - no one likes spending money, unless it's on the new car, the new outfit, the latest home furnishing or that great holiday you've been planning... We love spending on ourselves, but paying for the day-to-day bills, mortgages, fuel, utilities etc ... are all a grind.

What we all want, is a great life, comfortable, safe and secure with our family and to be able to spend our hard earned cash on the things that we want.

But to do this comes with a cost ! 

In the SME Business Owner sector and the Entrepreneurs world of excitement, challenges and uncertainty, the cost comes from managing that uncertainty.

To reduce that cost of uncertainty, and to give you the best chance of reaping the rewards from your effort, commitment, vision and hard work you know that knowledge, know-how, securing a competitive advantage and applying smarter business structures are critical to any successful venture.

So, What are the Benefits and What are the Risks ?


  • Direct Marketing - sent straight to your BEST CUSTOMERS ...😁
  • Customer engagement that you control. Fill the dead times in your business or calendar - and increase revenues  ..😁
  • Grow your customer base through offers, discounts and coupons.  ..😁
  • Sell More - and Sell More Often using a low cost marketing platform that is delivered instantly..😁
  • Integrate with current marketing initiatives and combine these with this SMS Message system to rocket your customer engagement ..😁


  • Miss out on the biggest communications system on the planet.... 😰
  • Lose the money and opportunities that your current customers could be bringing to your table ...😰
  • Be left wondering why some businesses thrive - while others struggle to get their message out there...😰
  • Sleepless nights spent wondering if your business can survive .😰 
  • Possibility of all previous effort and commitment being lost ...😰
  • Unable to take the business forwards - no certainty and no forward plans...😰

Business Risk Management

With all risk there are really only two main courses of action.

Option 1 is to do nothing. You've seen the risk, identified it, know what the possible outcomes are, and then stick your head in the sand. Ignoring the risk, and hoping that the worst doesn't happen, is not a credible approach. A passive response will inevitably lead to a negative outcome, and you will have no control over that outcome.

Option 2 is to take a proactive approach, where the risk in identified, and mitigating plans and positive steps are taken. This approach gives you a greater insight into the risk, and puts you in control of the process. To manage the risk, knowledge is critical, and if you have that knowledge, a system and a plan, you stand a far greater chance of managing the risk and averting a negative outcome.

A key part of any business is how to address risk management and the Intelligent Growth System should play a key role in the risk management of your business, to ensure that you can continue to generate revenues and build a solid commercial platform for your business operations.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get any benefit from the Intelligent Growth System, or do not see an improvement in the way you are able to build your marketing message proposition, then just let us know. If after a review of your business and an assessment of the SMS message performance there is nothing further we can do to help, then we'll cancel the outstanding element of the support and then explore if there is potential to help in other areas of your business.

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